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    Heritage Balls

    Heritage® pocket balls are designed for daily use. Made with high quality phenolic resin, Heritage balls are ground and polished to radial tolerances of 0.003 of an inch, for accurate, reliable performance. All components are solid cast and vitrified, or heat fused for a homogeneous molecular bond. Heritage balls feature bright white and color components and standard numbering style.

    Centennial Balls

    Centennial® Premium Pocket Balls are the standard of excellence in the industry. Made with premium-grade phenolic resin, Centennial® balls are ground and polished to exacting radial tolerances of 0.001 of an inch for absolutely true and accurate roll. Components are solid cast and "vitrified," or heat fused, for a homogeneous molecular bond. A translucent ivory hue, lustrous color, and a unique "dart" identify Centennial® Balls. With resiliency and balance that allows hairline accuracy, and with numbers and colors that will not rub off, spot, or fade, Centennial® Balls are superior in both playing quality and appearance.

    Aramith Tv Ball Set

    The Aramith Super Pro Ball Set offers a superior quality you can depend on from game to game. Made with a premier phenolic resin, each ball features an outstanding hardness, roundness, and uniform weight. This set includes the standard 15-ball combo with white cue ball.

    Aramith Snooker Balls

    Play with Aramith pool balls and get more fun out of your pool table! Aramith balls are used by almost 80% of the players worldwide and are recognized as the reference of the industry. Their consistently reliable performance guarantees players the pleasure of razor-sharp precision, and their exceptionally long product life offers table owners the lowest ball cost on an annual basis. That’s how Aramith has maintained its legendary reputation as the definition of true and unrivaled quality for half a century.

    Rempe Training Balls

    Jim Rempe special pool training ball. 2-sided 2"1/4 training cue ball + 56-page instructions booklet in English, French and Spanish. For beginners and advanced players. Because only practice will make play better. Concept and design by Jim Rempe. Has a beginner AND advanced player side to assist you in your progress. The two unique ball patterns will help you: See where to hit the cue ball for spin (English) Develop a better stroke by teaching a more accurate delivery of your cue stick to the cue ball. Optimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion for a better position on the next shot. The kit includes: A Belgian Aramith cue ball with 2 different embedded patterns under the surface of the ball to make them wear-resistant. The Jimmy Rempe special pool training manual. With 13 detailed drawings, each showing multiple variations, this 56-page pocket-size manual will show you clearly how you can use the patterns to fully control the cue ball.

    Aramith Pro Cup Value Pack

    Includes: 6 Red Dot Cue Ball, 1-15 Balls, Jim Rempe Training Ball, Aramith Ball Cleaner and Aramith Micro-fiber Cloth.

    Pro Cup Aramith

    Any fan of pool and billiards who has watched a televised event has seen this cue ball with red dots. Aramith has released this unique red dot cue ball to the public. This distinctive cue ball is exactly like the ones you see on ESPN. The six red dots on the cue allow you to see the spin of the cue ball. Unsurpassed in quality, each ball is made with Aramith’s unique phenolic resin making them among the sturdiest and most impact resistant balls on the market. Aramith phenolic balls last up to five times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester. Billiards-play simulators have shown that Aramith phenolic balls are still perfectly playable even after 400,000 hits, whereas others were rendered unusable.

    Aramith Premium Balls

    The Aramith Premium Belgian Ball Set keeps your game rolling and is quality crafted from premier phenolic resin for a smooth roll and outstanding durability. These balls come in a complete 15-ball set with cue ball. Standard colors with black numerals on white or in stripe.

    Aramith Premier Balls

    The Aramith Premier Belgian Ball Set is the perfect balance of price and quality. This set includes 15 table balls and a single cue ball. It offers black numbers on white and in the stripe. Each ball offers superior balance, hardness, and weight for a design that lasts 5x longer than other polymer or polyester.

    Economy Accessory Kit

    Get started with everything you need at an economical price. The Imperial Economy Billiard Accessory Kit includes 1 set of official size 2 1/4-inch balls, Two 2-piece cues, bridge head, 9" table brush, plastic 8-ball rack, 6-pieces of chalk and a rules poster. Get the fun started and enjoy your game of pool!

    Platinum Play Package

    The Cuetec Billiard Accessory Kit contains the essentials for pool playing, and for maintaining your pool table and cues. For play you get four 2-piece maple cues, one 2-piece bridge stick with bridge head, 21/4" wood triangle, a 2 1/4" wood 9 ball rack, 12-pieces of chalk, and an 8-cue, 2-piece wall rack. For table maintenance you get a 10 1/2-inch table brush, an under rail brush, and an 8-ft. vinyl table cover. For cue maintenance you get a cue repair kit. You also get an official rule book. Balls not included.

    Premium Play Package

    We have added the fine details to the Cuetec Deluxe Billiard Accessory Kit to set it apart from the rest. The set includes: Four 2-piece deluxe maple cues with stainless steel joints and linen wrapped handles, a 2-piece bridge stick with chrome bridge head, one each 2 1/4-in. wood bull nose triangle and 9-ball rack, a 10 1/2-in. horse hair table brush and matching under rail brush, 2-piece deluxe wall rack for 8 cues, 12-pieces of chalk, a deluxe cue repair kit, and a naugahyde 8-ft. pool table cover. Balls not included

    Aramith Glow in the dark set

    Whether you want to attract new customers to your pool room or simply want to have some real fun at home, then the Aramith fluo table conversion kits are what you need! Installable in just a couple of steps, these kits will retrofit any type or any size of table in a black light responsive table that will add magic to your game. Each kit includes everything you need.

    Aramith Crown Standard

    The Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Balls are quality crafted from premier phenolic resin for a smooth roll and outstanding durability. Comes in a complete 15-ball set with cue ball. Standard colors and black on white face numerals.

    Nylon Billiard Cloth Brush

    Simple and inexpensive. This is the most popular pool table brush in the world.

    Large Horse Hair Pool Table Brush

    This 10.5" Billiard table brush has soft bristles with wide coverage as well as a comfortable handle.

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