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Brunswick Certified

Brunswick Certified

At Robertson Billiards & Spas, you’ll find no shortage of products that adhere to the highest standard of quality imaginable. We’ve never believed in compromising our mission to bring our customers the very best. You’ll never want quality with any of the brands we carry, and that’s certainly the case with Brunswick. For generations, Brunswick has strived to provide pool players with unsurpassed quality products that surpass the competition in terms of refinement and luxury. 

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The lineage and reputation of Brunswick are almost instantly recognizable to aficionados of both billiards and bowling, as the company has been manufacturing accessories for both for well over a century. Brunswick was established back in 1845, and while the company was acquired in 2014 by bowling conglomerate AMF, its steadfast determination to provide the very best for its customers remains unsurpassed. 

The Advantages of Brunswick Billiards Products 

While the duration of Brunswick’s time in business is indeed impressive, the benefits and advantages one possesses when utilizing Brunswick and its products are numerous and just as impressive as the company’s long-lasting lineage. 

  • Craftsmanship While experts will attest to the superior craftsmanship that goes into every table Brunswick manufactures, a lifetime warranty speaks to the level of assurance that the company extends to every one of its customers. 
  • Pool Shark Precision Any pool player will tell you that a big part of the game all comes down to pinpoint accuracy and the utilization of both momentum and basic geometry. Brunswick uses the patented SuperSpeed Cushion to provide you with the edge you need to make the perfect shot every time. 
  • The Right Frame of Mind Like any other table, from the ones you eat upon to the ones you play the perfect pool game on, a sturdy frame makes all the difference in the world. When it comes to Brunswick, every joint, every support, and every inch is of the highest quality to help it maintain structural integrity over time. 
  • Inspected, Tested, and Approved If you see a pool table with a Brunswick sticker, you can rest assured that you’re looking at a product held to the highest standard of quality. Every table is thoroughly tested and inspected before that sticker goes on and the first shot is aimed.

Robertson Billiards & Spas 

From billiards to spas, and every tabletop game in between the two, Robertson is devoted to providing the best selection and service imaginable. For a complete look at the various products and services, we have to offer visit us at

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