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    Ping Pong/Table Tennis

    Cornilleau Sport 300X

    The Cornilleau Sport 300x is dollar for dollar the best Ping Pong table on the planet.  If you're on the gulf coast of central Florida, check out this ping pong table in our store near you!  A laminated, hardened resin playfield bracketed to a tin frame make this portable ping pong table a tank.  These tables last years outside getting pushed around and opened daily.  These tables hold up in after care facilities for children, colleges, and commercial game rooms all over the place.  On your back patio, youll get years after year of ping pong partying!

    700x Outdoor

    Its bold lines and range of features make the 700X an unmatched table. Its rebound quality equivalent to a competition table offers you the chance to excel. Add to this the best technology providing pleasure and comfort, and a simple match of table tennis becomes a full-on playing experience.

    600x Outdoor Ping Pong

    Accessory and bottle holders, point counters, ball dispensers and storage ... the 600X boasts the best innovations without compromising on the basics: safety, ergonomics and ease of use. The quality of its rebound and perfect spin response will satisfy the most demanding of players.

    500X Outdoor

    As the embodiment of Cornilleau's 'high performance' spirit, the 500X invites you to concentrate on what matters: the game. Its excellent rebound is ideal for high-level rallies and its various features have been designed to allow you to play wherever you want, in any situation. Its tapered legs, bold lines and sturdy sides are what help create its strong personality.

    100s Outdoor

    The first ping pong rally and smiles... The mutual shouts of delight immediately bounce back on this table. As with all the table tennis tables in this Crossover range, it too withstands bad weather thanks to its anti-corrosion treatment. Added to that its solid laminate tabletop can roll with the punches, while its lighweight qualities combined with its large wheels make it much easier to manoeuvre. The 100S Crossover ping pong table, reliability in its simplicity.

    PRO Park

    The table PARK is made in France of high-strength materials, and displays robustness either shocks, weather or vandalism. It offers the best playing quality on the market in this category. The table can be installed in parks, next to the playground, on the terraces, in the campsites and requires little space.

    Smash 1/0

    Indoor / outdoor play at its finest. Vibrant blue playing surface. Smash I/O table tennis features a 4mm playing surface, sturdy undercarriage, casters and fold-up capability for easy storage.


    Make two games out of one with this solid foam-backed game top from Brunswick. The CT7 Table Tennis Conversion Top fits most recent 7’ Brunswick pool tables and Air Hockey tables. Includes paddles, balls and a clip-on net.

    Convertible Top

    The friendly competition never ends with this durable, foam pad-backed table tennis conversion top. Featured in a stylish black finish with Brunswick brand it includes everything you need to become the next neighborhood champ, including paddles, balls and clip-on net. This game top from Brunswick is manufactured to meet California’s formaldehyde emissions regulations.

    Smash 5.0

    Our mid-range model features a handsome blue playing surface with matching net and net clips. With an 18mm-thick playing field for great stability and even greater shots, an undercarriage and caster system designed for strength and mobility, and fold-up capability for easy storage.

    Smash 3.0

    A brilliant green playing surface with matching net and net clips helps Smash 3.0 stand out, both in appearance and performance. Featuring a 16mm-thick playing field, sturdy undercarriage and casters, and fold-up capability for easy storage.

    Smash 7.0

    mash 7.0 features a classic black or blue play surface, matching nets and net clips, with a sturdy 25mm-thick playing field for every loop, flip and (of course) smash you make. A strong undercarriage ensures exceptional strength and stability, while the easy fold-up system makes moving and storage quick and convenient. Smash 7.0 is truly a force to be reckoned with, and the ideal table for any age and level of play.

    Smash 1.0

    Our entry-level table tennis model is perfect for small spaces or kids. The Smash 1.0 features a black play surface with matching net and net clips, 15mm-thick play surface, 50mm diameter casters and fold-up capability.


    The Petaluma Custom Ping Pong Table is a fully customizable furniture style ping pong all built to order in the USA. This furniture style ping pong will not bog down a large high end game room with a clunky commercial look. Available by itself or part of a larger matched gameroom set. 20% smaller than a regulation ping pong table this table is easy to fit in a tight dining space.

    City Ping Pong

    This custom ping pong pong dining conversion table is not your average ping pong table. This table is fully custom built to order and wont drag down the look of your house like so many ping pong tables do. 20% smaller than a normal ping pong table this table really feels like a dining table and still plays a fun game of ping pong.

    Austin DIning Conversion Ping Pong

    This ping pong dining table is really a fun combo table. This custom ping pong table will also work perfectly as a centerpiece ping pong table. 20% smaller than a typical ping pong table this table makes a practical dining table without turning a tight space into a cramped looking gameroom.

    Atherton Ping Pong

    The Atherton is ping pong coversion table is 20% smaller than a regulation ping pong table. making it a good fun fit for a small dining room youre looking to inject some fun into without giving up the ambiance of a nice contemporary home.

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