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Pool Table Services

Pool Table Services

Much like the car in your garage, your pool table needs service every so often to keep it at its absolute best. Luckily, Robertson Billiards and Spas can get that table ready for game day and look it’s absolute best in no time at all. 

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While many people enjoy undertaking DIY (do it yourself) projects, not everyone is completely adept at such an endeavor. We can install your table, and have it assembled in a matter of hours. Our staff know tables like no one else and will get you off on the right cue. 

Fabric & Felt Replacement

While there are several ways to enjoy a game of pool, you’ll be hard-pressed to enjoy one without any felt on the surface. This is another maintenance undertaking that is best left to the seasoned and capable hands of a professional. Not to worry, we can get this issue smoothed out in no time at all. 

Cushion Replacement

The next time you’re trying a trick play and that cue ball just doesn’t bounce off the cushions like it used to, it might be time to have them replaced. This is a relatively easy fix and we can accomplish it rather quickly. 

Pocket Replacement 

There’s an immense amount of joy when the game is on the line and you get to call out with complete confidence and certainty “8-Ball in the corner pocket!” However, you’ll have trouble sinking in the black ball if your pockets all have holes in them. And you guessed it, we can fix that issue as well. 

Cue Repair 

You won’t be able to sink the 8-Ball in the corner pocket if the pockets are missing, and you won’t come close with a damaged or broken cue. While some will use any old cue they come across, there are those of us who have lucky ones that we simply cannot live without. Not to worry, we have cue maintenance available for just such an occasion. 

Bonus Accessories

There’s something special about the room you retreat to play pool. We offer accessories such as lamps to accentuate your game room and make it feel as authentic as possible. If you really feel like giving yourself the necessary atmosphere, you might want to consider a jukebox. It might cost a little extra, but how else are you going to be a jukebox hero with stars in your eyes? 

Robertson Billiards

When it comes to setting up your game room or just picking the perfect pool table, the staff at Robertson Billiards can gladly be of service. For more info, visit our webpage at https://www.robertsonbilliards.com/.

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