The Penelope II 7ft with Dining Top; Kona

The Penelope II 7ft with Dining Top; Kona


  • 7-foot billiard table with 1-inch backed K pattern slate
  • Solid oak body with wood post legs
  • Steel frame and support beams with slate-leveling system
  • Leather internal drop pockets
  • K66 cushion rubber for true rebound
  • Matching dining top included
  • Cloth purchased separately
  • Overall outside dimensions: 92″ L x 52″ W x 32″ H
  • Table not available for dropship

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The next generation of the best-selling Penelope, the Penelope II Billiard Table. The Penelope II combines the sleek, clean frame of the first-generation table with the raw look of our more rustic pool tables. This table features solid wood post legs, a thinner overall body, and a new beveled exterior edge on the table and dining top. It also features a steel frame and support beams for stability and a slate-leveling system.