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Shelton Pool Table

Shelton Pool Table

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Pool Table, Pool Table with Wall Rack, Pool Table with Rack & Table Tennis


The eight-foot Shelton Pool Table sports a hot geometric design and cool Glacier wood finish for a modern touch in any room. Providing exceptional craftsmanship and gameplay with its base of one-inch certified slate, custom leather drop pockets, stain-resistant felt, and custom rail sights, this masterpiece exceeds BCA Tournament specifications and comes complete with Supreme Accessory kit.


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The Shelton Pool Table Features:

  • Finished by hand, using a multi-step process in a striking Glacer
  • 1", three-piece certified slate for the highest play quality possible
  • K66 Natural Cushion Rubber on each rail for a consistent, authentic, and even rebound
  • Black Teflon-coated spill-resistant felt
  • Custom Drop Pockets made of Leather for consistent, quiet play as well as a great look and feel 
  • Coordinating, Decorative sights that combine functionality for game play and beauty that matches the design itself
  • Constructed to exceed BCA Tournament specifications


This Product is Made Of:

  • This Pool Table is masterfully crafted of kiln-dried solid Ash, Ash veneers, Powder Coated Steel, Acacia, and Engineered Wood. This item is built using sustainable wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)


Pool Table Dimensions:

  • Playing surface dimensions: 44" W x 88" L
  • Outside dimensions: 58.25" W x 102.25" L x 33" H
  • Approximate shipping weight is 950 lbs.


Included Accessories in Supreme Accessory Kit:

  • 57” 2-Piece Maple Cues (4)

  • Bridge Stick (1)

  • 15-Ball Triangle Rack (1)

  • 9-Ball Rack (1)

  • 10 1/2" Table Brush (1)

  • 7" Under Rail Brush (1)

  • Sure-Shot Chalk (1)

  • Brass Bridge Head (1)

  • Repair Kit (1)

  • Sure-Shot Billiard Balls (1)

  • 8-Cue Wall Rack (1)

  • Plastic Brown Table Cover (1)