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Legendary & Antique Designs

HW Imperial Restore

Pictured is a restored, antique nickel finish cast iron, The rarest HW Collender pool table. We have been very fortunate to purchase The "Imperial" model pool table very similar in styling to this picture except the cross stretcher between the legs is much more intricate in design. It is currently undergoing restoration and is expected to be offered completely restored and available for purchase early 2019. Additional information is available upon request. Serious inquiries only, please. HW Collender was purchased by brunswick carrige co. and launched them into being the biggest name in billiards they are today. Dont miss your chance to own this super rare piece of billiard history. $199,999


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning the ultimate pool table, then you’ve dreamed of owning the Newbury. This handsome table is beautifully detailed in every way with exquisite custom features like parquetry inlaid solid mahogany, hammered metal accents and steer horn diamond-shaped sights. Its elegant, hand-distressed finish gives it that classic, old world look on the outside, but inside we’ve utilized the most advanced design innovations to create a table that provides a level of playability that is simply unmatched. Built by the most skilled pool table craftsmen in the world, the Newbury doesn’t just make a statement. It makes a declaration – nothing but the best will do!


Inspired by Isabella of France, who married King Edward II of England, the Isabella by Brunswick brings history, royalty, and high society to mind. It’s exquisite design elements echo the period?s grand palaces and elaborate furniture incorporating exotic materials from around the world. Rare rosewood and Karelian birch, recognized for it’s rarity and enduring beauty, are used extensively throughout to highlight the timeless beauty of this modern tour de force. A matching Isabella cue rack is included with every Isabella table purchase. Due to the unique, high-end features on this table, the availability may vary over time.

Exposition Novelty

The Exposition Novelty? table was originally introduced in 1878. With its superb workmanship, exquisite and elaborate inlays, and elegantly carved legs, it represented the contrast between the decade?s sophisticated culture of innovation and the country’?s untamed West. Accordingly, this stately and detailed table was the judge?s favorite of the age, winning gold medals in San Francisco and Cincinnati Expositions.


The original “Monarch” is the most recognized and the most famous of all of the antique pool tables on the market today. This Golden West reproduction lives up to and exceeds the workmanship and construction of this gorgeous past American classic. No painstaking detail has been left unturned. Golden West has not compromised the integrity of this wonderful relic from a bygone era. The “Victorian” hand inlaid with Maple, Ebony, Walnut, or other exotic woods is enhanced by its uniquely shaped detailed cabinet. Lion legs are available in metal hand painted antique bronzed patina finish or solid hand carved matching woods and finish of your choice. Wide Victorian rails, with double diamond inlays, finalize the over all appearance of this timeless spectacular future heirloom. Superior craftsmanship with tournament playability ensure that this Authentic American pool table will retain its #1 ranking for years to come.


The Julianne (shown in Maple with Old World finish) First manufactured in the late 1800’s, the “Jewel” is unparalleled and unrivaled in style and grace. The craftsmanship in the hand turned doweled frame and legs lend itself well with any Victorian décor. A superbly crafted antique reproduction only found at Golden West Billiards.

GW Cling

The GW Kling (shown in Mottled Mahogany with inlays)(available in many different exotic woods) The Golden West “Kling” is the finest replica that was first made in the early 1900’s. Named after the All-star Chicago Baseball catcher “Johnny Kling” and 1907 Worlds Champion Pool player, the Kling has the reputation of being the finest pool table ever made. An unbelievable statement considering the amount of different pool tables manufactured in the last three centuries. The Kling is Constructed on massive 14” hand carved bell shaped elephant style legs. The 2” X 12” frame and solid hardwood blocks makes this jumbo fame the Ultimate in pool table perfection. Mother of pearl and ebony inlays enhance and enrich this time honored classic.

King David

The King David (shown in Oak with Light English Oak Finish) (shown with 6 legs…also available with 4 legs) Seen in the movie “Tombstone” the King David is an excellent example of a finely hand carved English billiard table. Solid hand carved fluted trophy style legs, hand carved lion plaques, and an ornate frame with end and side moldings, give the King David a well deserved look of a mid 1800’s English royal snooker table. The King David is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.

King Leo

The King Leo (shown in Oak with English Oak finish) Make the King Leo the trophy of your game room! Intricately fully carved lion legs, hard carved lion plaques,and elaborate detailed side skirts makes the Golden West King Leo the Choice of Champions. Tournament quality and built for the most demanding home residential play. The King Leo is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.

St. Regis

The St. Regis (shown in Oak with English Oak finish) The St. Regis multi contoured frame is augmented by Georgian styled hand carved aprons, plaques, and rope moldings. The over sized hand carved ball and claw legs finish the Baroque style and design of this highly sought after Golden West pool table. The St. Regis is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.


The Emperor (shown in Maple with Imperial Cherry finish) The “Emperor” is the crowning achievement in the diverse line of Golden West American custom built pool tables. The beautifully fully handcrafted legs, body, and aprons, create a fully functional pool table, with a furniture quality, not found on inexpensive duplicated copies. Built for the consumer who demands the finest. This table is the Best in Billiards. The Emperor is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.


The Cavanaugh (shown in Maple with Light Old World finish) Featured on the Drew Carey show, the Golden West Cavanaugh epitomizes the heart of the Renaissance era and the height of French nobility. Finely carved aprons, plaques, and trim are added to a highly contoured frame. The elaborate and graceful French styled legs complement and complete this Golden West treasured work of art. The Cavanaugh is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.

The Popular

The Popular (shown in Rosewood with Maple inlays and natural finish) A reproduction from the late 1800’s when American manufacturing was at its zenith. The workmanship found in the Golden West Popular is unmatched anywhere in the world. The combination of Rosewood with Maple inlays were designed to adorn the finest palaces in the world. Called the Rolls Royce of pool tables, the Popular is not made for everyone. Imagine playing on one of the finest tables every built in America. Let the games begin. The Popular is featured in Rosewood with Maple inlays and a natural finish. Other exotic woods and inlays available.

St. Thomas

The St. Thomas (shown in Oak with English Oak finish) The California mission design is part of the St Thomas heritage. The Arts and Crafts era is truly represented in this craftsman quality reproduction pool table. No attention to detail is left unturned in this grand American built masterpiece. The St Thomas is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.

GW Mission

The GW Mission (shown in Oak with Mission Oak finish) A Golden West favorite over the last 40 years, the Mission represents a turn of the century classical artisan artifact. Return to the days of true craftsman style workmanship with an emphasis on simplistic, straight lines and vertical elongated forms. Turn of the century, Arts and Crafts pieces are highly collected and treasured in the world today. The Golden West Mission is destined to become a cherished future antique. The Mission is featured in Northern Red Oak.

Bella Le Fleur

The Bella Le Fleur (shown in Maple with Poway Sand custom finish) From the Vineyards and Chateaus of France, to the French Riviera' the intricate and detailed carving found on the Bella Le Fleur will amaze and impress the most demanding connoisseur of prestigious pool tables. Massive hand carved legs, with a unique frame and carved trim, brings to life this richly ornate prized Golden West pool table. The Bella Le Fleur is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.

GW Caswell

The GW Caswell (shown in Chocolate Cherry) The Gothic era comes alive with this Romanesque styled renaissance pool table. Hand carved columns, with a slightly carved frame, gives this pool table its masculine lines. Taken from the V collection, this future heirloom is one of our newest additions to the Golden West family of pool tables. The GW Caswell is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.


The Calabasas (shown in Maple with Old World finish) Architecturally designed and inspired from antique furniture found in old haciendas and ranches of the southwest. With detailed carved frame, aprons, and trim, the Calabasas is suited for both the formal and informal game rooms. Round turned, carved, and fluted legs complete this Golden West original treasured showpiece. The Calabasas is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.


The Sanibel ( shown in Maple with Old World finish) The Sanibel’s extra thick frame is mandatory for the in-depth relief shell carving found on the center and sides of this handsome and treasured pool table. The design and name of this Golden West pool table is derived from the Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida. Carved sea shells adorn the frame, legs, and aprons of this stunning and majestically superb hand crafted pool table. The Sanibel is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.


The Tuscan (shown in Maple with Old World finish) Traditional renaissance design and superior craftsmanship are found in this custom built Golden West American pool table. The rebirth and renewal of this, time honored, ornately hand carved heirloom will be found in only the finest homes of the world. A truly magnificent and exquisite masterpiece. The Tuscan is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.

Lady Shannon

Magnificent architectural influences and historic events inspired the “Lady Shannon” masterpiece, which is constructed upon the glorious reign of the Hapsbuburg family of the Austrian Empire. The exotic sedua top rails—inlaid with the gold engraved nameplate and surrounded by mother-of-pearl detail—along with elegantly-carved corner cherubs, apron scrolls and leg pearls all grant the Lady Shannon its place in the court of Tradition and Opulence.


The Tuscan (shown in Maple with Old World finish) Traditional renaissance design and superior craftsmanship are found in this custom built Golden West American pool table. The rebirth and renewal of this, time honored, ornately hand carved heirloom will be found in only the finest homes of the world. A truly magnificent and exquisite masterpiece. The Tuscan is featured in Western Maple or Northern Red Oak.



Considered by many to be the zenith of Brunswick’s production - because of its massive “Jumbo Frame” construction, decorative qualities and playing characteristics.

San Xavier

Combining traditional Spanish elegance with a splash of classic contemporary design, the San Xavier table’s style is as versatile as the table plays. From its stylish double-arched cabinet and meticulously carved blinds, to it’s 6” rails, this table offers you tournament-style play from the comfort of your own home.


Detailed. Elaborate. Ornate. It doesn’t matter how you describe it – the Cortez is one of the most beautiful pool tables ever crafted. From it’s improved rail surfaces for better shooting hand stability to it’s extremely quiet 4-bolt rapid rail system, the Cortez Table combines superior dynamics with exquisite detail and craftsmanship that has become the staple of the Connelly line. This hand carved, heirloom quality piece comes in a variety of American hardwoods and is sure to impress whoever plays on it!

The Maze

The Maze pool table by Canada Billiard is custom built from hand selected hardwood.  This eclectic design draws from mid century modern and contemporary reclamation elements for a unique overall look.  The table is custom built in your choice of hardwood species and finish and features 1.25" thick three piece tournament slates, K66 gum rubber cushions, your choice of fabrics, and 7', 8', or 9' size options.  The table can be built in either 31" billiard height or 29" dining height as needed and a leaf style solid birch dining top is available.  Canada Billiard constructs each table by hand in the Quebec factory to exacting standards.  The Maze is by far one of the nicest built tables available in North America.

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