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Juke Boxes


"Bubbler"QB8-PV4, part of the Rock-Ola Touchscreen Music Center "Series IV."


"Peacock"QB6PB-PV4 , part of the Rock-Ola Touchscreen Music Center "Series IV."


"Harley-Davidson" QB4HD-PV4, part of the Rock-Ola Touchscreen Music Center "Series IV."


"Gazelle"QB4GZ-PV4 , part of the Rock-Ola Touchscreen Music Center "Series IV."


Two major icons of American ingenuity and leisure culture combine in the festive Jack Daniels Jukebox. Bubble tubes on the sides and door front provide a mellow rhythm to the rotating and illuminated Jack Daniels pilasters. With its warm hues, luxurious exotic wood veneers and distinctive “Old No. 7” logo etched in the glass, the new jukebox is a perfect addition to home recreation room or bar. The Jack Daniels Nostalgic CD Jukebox joins the Harley-Davidson Nostalgic jukeboxes in celebration of the “rugged individualist” Americans who followed their passions and poured their souls into the making of distinctive, hand-crafted products. Steadfast in their values, each of the brands – Jack Daniels, Harley-Davidson and Rock-Ola – have famously refused to capitulate to market pressure and sacrifice their respective products’ integrity. These values have elevated each of the brands in international status and have come to symbolize uncompromising quality and reliability the world over. The Jack Daniels Nostalgic CD jukebox is available in both 115V and 230V (export) models. The Jack Daniels jukebox features built-in 5-speaker system with connections for external speaker set up in either single-zone stereo or dual-zone mono. The new Jack Daniels Nostalgic is powered by a professional-grade Peavey 1600 watt amplifier and comes complete with remote control.

CD Bubbler Jukebox

The most popular jukebox of all times has been meticulously reproduced in Rock-Ola’s Series V Bubbler. The Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8 bubble tubes, while a “Kaleidoscope” of colors flows through 4 color translucent plastic cylinders. It’s the 50’s all over again when the changer flips the CDs right in front of you. All 19 trim pieces are genuine die cast metal, triple-plated with copper, nickel, and polished chrome. With quality in mind, only the finest hardwoods adorn this beauty. The handcrafted quality of these classics is a tradition Rock-Ola proudly continues. Incredible sound quality with 5-speaker, dual 3-way system and Peavey Electronics 1,600 watt power amplifier for "Live" performance reproduction. Available in black or walnut.


Bold graphics and colorful accents define the "Gazelle" CD-4. Graceful horned beasts appear to leap with joy on the screen-printed and illumintated glass panels accenting the center grille. Custom printed arch panels and molded wood crown and shoulders complete the slightly sassy Art Deco-inspired cabinet. Holds 100 CDs. Beware: this jukebox may incite FUN and FROLIC!


Many collectors consider the "Peacock" the most elegant of the Nostalgic series. The Peacock Music Center features a sparkling and colorful illuminated cabinet panel flanked by two additional bubble tubes in the "lotus motif" grille. Custom printed arch panels and molded wood crown and shoulders create and exotic and luxurious allure. Holds 100 CDs.

Classic 2000

A Vision Made of Chrome and Glass Inspired by the chrome lightning road cruisers of the 50’s, Wurlitzer introduced the Model 2000 in 1956. It became one of the most famous jukeboxes of that era. The Wurlitzer Classic 2000 - A replica of a 1950s masterpiece comes to life!

One More Time CD - iPod Special Edition

Traditional Gets Trendy! A real treat for the eyes and ears. That is the fascinating Wurlitzer One More Time CD - iPod Special Edition. This legendary classic moves with the times. Now with iPod and sound by Bose. In the nostalgic design of the most beautiful jukebox ever built, the CD changer plays your favorite 100 CDs. The original ACOUSTIMASS® Three-Speaker System by Bose offers all your favorites and chart toppers in superb stereophonic quality. Now the Apple iPod extends the music repertoire. A 60 GB iPod makes more than 10,000 songs available. The new One More Time CD-iPod Special Edition—the exceptional way to enjoy music.

One More Time Vinyl

The Most Famous Wurlitzer Jukebox, a Real Treat for the Eyes and Ears! The ONE MORE TIME Vinyl - world-wide the only nostalgic jukebox for all collectors of old and new single records (45 rpm). Chrome and glitter, rotating light columns with magically changing colours. A fascinating spectacle of light and sound. The Wurlitzer One More Time Vinyl is a replica of the most famous jukebox in the world, the Wurlitzer 1015 of the year 1946. With todays technology and brilliant sound quality this jukebox is a real treat for the eyes and ears - a real focal point in any location.

Peacock Original

The Peacock Model 850, one of Wurlitzer’s best-loved and best-selling models of all time. First on the market in 1941, the original Peacock Model 850 signaled a new era in jukebox aesthetics. With marbleized plastic and color animation, the Peacock became an instant classic, raising the bar for every model that came after. A rare and coveted find in the vintage marketplace today, some original Peacock models sell for tens of thousands of dollars online and at auction.

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