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Buy Brunswick Certified with Robertson

Buy Brunswick Certified with Robertson

If you’ve ever shopped or taken a look at the inventory at Roberston Billiards, you might have noticed the unsurpassed quality of the products we have to sell. Among the many brands that we’re proud to sell, Brunswick pool tables are an institution of refinement and quality that have been an integral part of the game of billiards since their inception in 1845. So, what makes them so unique? What is it about Brunswick that makes them the most coveted pool table on the market today? We’re about to take a closer look at the elements that make Brunswick the “Cadillacs” of the pool hall. 

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Finely Crafted Nuts & Washers 

The attention to detail that Brunswick dedicates to each of their pool tables is exceptional. It all starts with the high-grade nuts and washers that connect them. Allowing performance to shine every time, with more torque with each shot, and providing consistent tension to maintain quality. 

High-Pressure Bonding & The SuperSpeed Cushion 

The rubber cushions that you’ll find on a Brunswick pool table are pattened with the SuperSpeed technology to allow for the most effective rebound and the perfect shot. By bonding the rubber right to the wood rails, you never have to worry about there not being a perfect fit. 

Kiln-Dried, Stained, Sealed, and Delivered 

As anyone involved with carpentry will tell you, the quality of wood you use with any job or project goes a long way. When it comes to the wood that goes into the construction of a Brunswick, solid hardwood is assembled and made to last a lifetime. A high-grade furniture finish is applied at the end of manufacturing to lock out moisture and promote longevity. 

Cloth You Can Count On 

The perfect pool shot is only as good as the cloth that it slides across with ease. Because Brunswick tables are an extension of the various pool players who represent a diverse demographic, Brunswick offers nine different colors that sit upon their finely crafted tables. These come in the standard form or are stain-resistant. Customize your table your way, and let it shine as an extension of who you are. 

Brunswick Availability at Roberston Billiards 

Whether you’re a veteran pool shark or you just want a table in your rumpus room for your guest to enjoy, Robertson Billiards has you covered. Offering exceptional service and unsurpassed quality, we’re the best at what we do. Rack ‘em up over at for more information.

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